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The Phoebe Rees


The Phoebe Rees Competition

The Phoebe Rees is a year-round full-length play competition which is open to any drama group in Somerset.  Productions are judged by one of a panel of visiting adjudicators, and the group receives a full written adjudication, usually within a week or two of the performance.  We also try to publish a review of the production in the next issue of Spotlight.

The rules as to what consitutes 'a play' for the purposes of this competition were clarified in 2011, in order to provide "an equitable basis for adjudication and moderation".

The following criteria must apply to any production submitted for entry to the Phoebe Rees full-length play competition:

• it has a continuous narrative thread/plot line (which may or may not be chronologically sequenced)
• it has some consistency of character/s
• it has a running time of at least one hour (excluding interval)

The Adjudicator is responsible for marking the production, using a scheme devised by GODA - the Guild of Drama Adjudicators - and for nominating outstanding performances and exemplary production elements, in any of 21 categories. 

Every production is also seen by a Moderator, whose job it is to provide a benchmark against which each entry can be judged when the panel meets in September to discuss the merits of all the productions seen that year, and to decide on the winner in each category.

The nominations are published in Spotlight on the 1st October every year and the winners are announced at the Phoebe Presentation Evening later that month. You can find a list of previous Phoebe Rees Trophy winners here .

More details are available to individual SFD Members and to Club Contacts under Documents & Resources in the left hand menu, where you can find out about how productions are marked and see the list of trophies to be awarded, as well as being able to download an entry form. 

If your group or society has any doubt regarding a proposed Phoebe Rees entry, please contact the Moderator via the Co-ordinator .  A printed and bound copy of your proposed script (no photocopies please, unless it is out of print), with any major changes clearly indicated, must be sent to the Competition Co-ordinator no less than four weeks before performance.

Entry forms: It is now possible to fill in and submit your entry form on line. Click here to view, or to request a printable version if you prefer.


2016/17 Season

Moderator: Clive Wooldridge

Adjudicating Panel: Lynne Wooldridge,  Lyn Lockyer, Philip de Glanville,  Phil Wells, Polly English


Phoebe Rees Awards - Winners 2015/16





BestProduction: Our Town                          Frome Drama Club


Best Director:                  Lyn Lockyer                  When We Are Married              Ilminster Entertainments Society


The Gordon Neagle Memorial Trophy:         Tickenham Drama Group                 Streel Magnolias


Champagne Moment: Opening scene              Pygmalion               Barnstormers


George Crocker Trophy for Endeavour: CUDOS               The Vicar of Dibley


Best Artistic Impression:                Street Theatre              The Ladykillers


Best Actor:               David Pitts as Henry Higgins          Pygmalion             Barnstormers


Best Actress:              Penny Williams as Lisa Doolittle               Pygmalion                  Barnstormers


Best Supporting Actor:     Ian Muton Philips as Harry             The Ladykillers                  Street Theatre


Best Supporting Actress:          Rosie Taylor as  Joan Weech       The Titfield Thunderbolt @2K Theatre


Cameo (Male):           Mark Rudd as Hedley       Ghostwriter           Swan Theatre Co


Cameo (Female): Charliotte Briggs as Edith          Blithe Spirit            @2K Theatre


Best Youth (Male) under 21:       Joe Bell as Kevin  Outside Edge              West Huntspill Players


Best Youth (Female) under 21:       Amy Kemp as Abigail  The Crucible             Swan Theatre Co


Best Youth under 16:          Amelia Sharp as Rebecca Gibbs                 Our Town                  Frome Drama Club


Best Set Creative Design:        Tickenham Drama Group            Steel Magnolias


Best Set Construction:            Street Theatre                   Noises Off


Best Creative Lighting:              Frome Drama Club                 Our Town


Best Costumes:                 West Huntspill  Players               'Allo 'Allo


Best Stage Management: CUDOS                  The Vicar of Dibley


Best Properties: West Huntspill  Players               'Allo 'Allo


Best Sound: Barnstormers                   Pygmalion


Best Effects: Swan Theatre  Co Ghostwriter



Phoebe Rees Awards - The Nominations 2015/16

Please see Spotlight Online for a full list of last year's nominations:


2017 Awards Evening

Next year's Awards Evening will be held on Friday 13th October 2017 at The Shrubbery Hotel, Ilminster.