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Policy: payments

SFD Policy on payments to service providers


The SFD's mission is to promote amateur theatre throughout the county of Somerset. We recognise, however, that some people are receiving payments (other than expenses). This includes Directors, Musical Directors, choreographers, musicians, lighting and sound technicians. We also recognise that some societies hire costumes, sets, etc., which are made by professional companies.
The purpose of this document is to clarify the SFD's policy to paid contributions when assessing shows and determining awards.

1. Paying for some offstage activities (directors, MDs etc or technical staff) will not preclude a show from being adjudicated by the SFD and entered in its competitions.
2. Paying for any onstage performers will preclude the show from SFD competitions.
3. Moderators and adjudicators will assess and mark the productions as they see them on the night regardless of any professional or paid input.
4. Societies will be eligible for awards in any relevant category regardless of whether there has been paid input.
5. Any individual paid for their contribution (other than expenses) will not be eligible for a nomination or award.
6. Societies will be asked in advance to inform the moderator and adjudicator of any paid involvement including payment to individuals, use of professional lighting or sound, and hired costumes and sets.
7. In the event of any uncertainty or disagreement, or when special circumstances arise, the SFD committee shall decide on eligibility and their decision will be final.

Sept 2019