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The David Beach


The David Beach Competition

The David Beach Competition for Musicals came into being in 2002, at the suggestion of David Beach himself.  Hitherto it had been part of the Phoebe Rees Competition for full length plays, but it was felt that we needed a separate panel of adjudicators with a particular expertise in judging musical theatre, and also that the Competiton should have its own Moderator who could travel round to see all the entries.

Musical Theatre groups flocked to join the SFD so as to be able to compete with each other, and the entries flooded in.  They have increased steadily each year and now rival the Phoebe Rees in terms of the number of groups taking part.

The season runs, officially, from 1st December to 30th November. The panel meets in December to review all the entries and to agree a number of nominations for performances of particular merit in each of the 30 categories.  The winner of each is chosen after detailed debate, overseen by the Moderator, and the trophies are awarded at The David Beach Presentation Evening which takes place in March each year.

More details are available to individual SFD Members and to Club Contacts under Documents & Resources  in the left hand menu, where you can find out about how productions are marked and see the list of trophies to be awarded.

Pam and David Beach







Pam and David Beach at the 2010 Awards

2017 Season

Entry forms: it is now possible to fill in your entry form and submit it on line. Click here to view, or to request a printable version if you prefer.

2017 Nominations:  The panel met on 2nd December to discuss all the entries for the year just ended, but it will be at least 2-3 weeks before all the nominations can be confirmed and published. We expect this to be after Christmas. Notification will be on Facebook and directly to the Societies involved, and the full list of nominations will be listed here. 

The Panel

Moderator: Ian Hurdman

Adjudicators:   Andy Marchant, Chris Bailward, Jadi Carlyon,  Dendy Harris, Linda Mumford and Beth Hancock

David Beach Coordinator: Di Dean          

2017 Season Nominations  

This year's nominations can be found in our online magazine, Spotlight