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August 25 2020, News

Cast your mind back five months to 24 March. That is when the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, came onto our televisions to announce that the nation would be placed in lockdown. He told us that the country faced a “moment of national emergency” and staying at home was necessary to protect the NHS and save lives.

Here we are, five months later, working to come to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic and seeking to inject some sense of normality into our otherwise disrupted lives. Set alongside the effect it has had on front-line staff, on people losing their livelihoods or struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent and for anyone who has caught the disease or who has lost a family member or friend, the plight of amateur drama is a minor concern. But for those of us who have a love for amateur theatre, the loss of our hobby has had a big impact on our lives.

We at the SFD have been hugely impressed by the ingenuity of member societies as they have found innovative ways to continue to enjoy the delights of drama and the performing arts. Many societies have started regular play readings on Zoom, there have been poetry recital nights and online soliloquies. And we have heard tale of distanced plays on Zoom or other media, online talent shows and so much more. And some societies are now in rehearsal for outdoor shows and even socially-distanced indoor performances. It is heartening that the dormant beast is reawakening and amateur drama, though it may have been down for a while, is most certainly not dead!

So we thought it would be great for people to share their experiences. What are you and your society up to? What have you done over the last few months, and what are your plans for the future? Have you come up with plans that allow your group to enjoy their hobby while sticking to government guidelines? If we all share our ideas and experiences, it may encourage others to try something new. Tell us what you’ve been up to – however quirky, however daft and however unlikely! Let’s know. Help to inspire others. Lets get am dram going again!!!


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