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July 18 2021, Cinderella Trophy News

A little magic has returned to Nigel Ford’s garden… is it a sign of the magic to come? As Nigel was enjoying the summer heatwave in his garden, his eyes were drawn to the back wall of his house. Was it just a couple of decorative wagon wheels lying against the wall, a few lucky horseshoes and the dining room window? Or was there something else…? Can you see it? Nigel could…! There it was, in all it’s magical glory – Cinderella’s Carriage!

Nigel said. “It’s a vision that just happened accidently in my back garden this afternoon. It involves three old horse shoes that have been on the wall of Spellbound Cottage for 30 years and two wagon wheels (not the chocolate variety) that date back to 1888. It’s an omen! The carriage is on it’s way to a brighter and fresher awards evening some day soon.”

And surely it is a sign of the magic to come. Following the worst pandemic in living memory, things are beginning to return to normal. Will you be having a panto this year – or a play, or a revue, or a musical? Indoors or out? We’d love to know! And when you’re ready to start reentering our competitions, we’re ready to welcome you. Our teams of adjudicators are looking forward to getting out again and seeing the very best drama that Somerset has to offer.

Cinderella’s Carriage in pride of place at the 2018 Cinderella Awards Evening

Cinderella Trophy Moderator Nigel Ford