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March 1 2020, Cinderella Trophy Reviews

Pantomime is all about family so when someone is untimely taken a huge part of us is taken too. ‘The show must go on’ is sometimes easier said than done. However, I am confident that the late Neil and Shirley would certainly have been proud of Tatworth Amateur Pantomime Society’s achievements of Cinderella on opening night.

Written by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett the show was faithfully directed and brought to life by Angie Davies and Debbie Hilton. This was a production that brought visual appeal to the audience and with many local references made for an ‘all round good traditional pantomime’.

The correct casting is crucial in any pantomime and can present challenges. I felt you almost achieved this although mics were certainly required for a couple of principals as I was unable to hear their dialogue. I would also like to have seen more grouping on stage as there tended to be too many straight lines by cast members.

Katie Newbery’s Cinderella gave an excellent performance. With crystal diction, stage presence and beautiful singing voice you are to be commended. I dreamed a dream was most memorable. Well done.

I loved the antics of Annette Bartlett’s Buttons. You gave a strong, refreshing and energetic performance and were always on cue. We were all ‘Diddling just fine’ when you commanded the stage. Another good character played in true pantomime tradition.

Grant Davies and Kevin Rogers’ Fartina and Halitotia were excellently paired and bounced off each other impeccably. However I felt you needed a much larger entrance for the roles you were playing. As an example walking down through the auditorium, sitting on men’s laps and doing only what Fartina loves to do would have enhanced your comedy even more. I enjoyed the Boudoir scene although I felt an opportunity was lost for additional humour here. Nonetheless well played. Keep taking the Gaviscon Fartina!

Without doubt the star of the show for me was fifteen year old Emily Smith. You played the part of Dandini in a confident and mature way. Even from the back of the hall it was evident the audience could hear every word, your diction was impeccable. I would like to have seen more of you and was a tad disappointed you had not been given a larger part in this pantomime. Very well done indeed.

Congratulations to all the juniors. Most of you lit up the stage with your golden beams and it was clear you had done everything the directors had asked of you. I really enjoyed the antics of the mice and those horses looked stunning in the transformation scene. Very well done to all of you.

I loved your choice of backing tracks. Here were numbers that the audience could relate to no matter what their ages. Your audience ‘Sing Along’ was brisk and simple to follow. It was an excellent choice of song although a bit of a paraphernalia bringing on a song sheet when it was already printed in the programme for us!

All sets and many props were to an exceptionally high standard. I loved the snake and the battery gag especially. Clever! Many congratulations ‘Team Splodge’!

Make-up seemed a little sparse on most of the chorus and some principals looked ‘washed out’ on stage. Costumes, however, were most impressive and added visual appeal to this production. The palace Grandfather Clock was incredible.

I will never be a lover of cast mingling with their audience after a show. The magic they have created is immediately lost and I just wondered why this was introduced by TAPS this season.

I have seen a number of pantomime productions from this society and I have to say that this troupe improve year by year so on that note congratulations to you all and thank you for letting me share your Cinderella experience.

Nigel Ford