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March 19 2020, News

OK! So we’re all stuck at home. Our shows have been cancelled, rehearsals called off and we’re encouraged to stay at home. So what to do? Why not keep your creative juices flowing and make a drama out of this crisis. We are looking for the very creative thespians, singers, dancers, and comedians out there to keep us entertained!

So we are today launching Make a Drama out of a Crisis! We want you to make a short video showcasing your talent. It can be anything you want: a Shakespeare soliloquy, a mime, a dance, a joke, a song, a piece of original drama. Whatever you can do within the thirty second time limit we are imposing! No prizes, it’s just for fun, but what a great way to showcase your talents!

Here are the rules:

  • It must be your own work (no posting professional recordings!!)
  • You must ensure you are complying with copyright (which is why we are encouraging original work)
  • Maximum 30 seconds. Long as you like! As long as you hold our interest!!!

Go on! Give it a go!! Let’s see what you’re made of!