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March 3 2019, Cinderella Trophy Reviews

I was delighted to be venturing back to Chardstock Amateur Dramatics Society. This was my final pantomime of the season and what an upbeat production this was to close the Cinderella Competition.

I was unfamiliar with this pantomime script written by Tom Whalley. However, I am a great ‘Carry On’ fanatic, written by the late Peter Rogers. There were many similar innuendos in this production too.

You are always allowed to be a little bit ‘naughty’ in pantomime but I just wondered that this may have been a little overplayed on occasions, especially when pantomime is primarily aimed at children. Nonetheless, overall I felt the script most humorous.

Here was a pantomime production that was extremely well-rehearsed. Not only was each principal fluent with their lines but every member of the society gave one hundred percent commitment to their role.

Although the show took a little time to build up, I very much loved the ‘Tales of the unexpected,’ theme and its re-creation. I have never seen such an introduction before and the appearance of the dragon was a surprise and most memorable.

There was a lot to relish in this show from a tap dancing A-Panda Holden to the Genie of the Camp! Although your adjudication report will mention each of you, here are just two or three who caught my eye.

I enjoyed the antics of Vince Conroy’s Widow Twankey. You had us eating out of the palm of your hand Vince! You had all the qualities we expect from this character. I was uncertain of your first costume as it looked too glamourous. Something more outrageous would have been appropriate for your opening entrance. You had a great number of changes though. I especially liked the Bingo number! A good all round performance extremely well played.

What a strong performance from the talented Sarah Williamson as Wishee Washee Twankey. You certainly kept the show alive Sarah! You were energetic, comical, had crystal clear diction and an expert at balloon modelling! An excellent all round performance. Many congratulations.

At the age of just fourteen, Chelsea White’s Aladdin Twankey gave a strong performance showing maturity well beyond her years. You held the stage excellently Chelsea with both voice and movement. Very well done indeed. I was most impressed.

Mike Spellar’s Abanazar built up an excellent rapport with the audience. You attacked us right from the start making sure we disliked you immediately. You were also very comical at times. Quick thinking when your sword broke using its handle to transform into Captain Hook! A great enjoyable performance. Well done Mike.

You were fortunate to have a live band. Thanks to the talents of Timeline there was some great rousing numbers although sound did drown some of the singing. On many occasions I was unable to hear the lyrics of your songs.

All junior and adult chorus worked hard as villagers and it was undoubtedly clear that you had done everything Nat, Caron and Hope had asked of you. The audience thoroughly enjoyed your performance.

All sets and costumes added visual appeal to this production.

I certainly enjoyed your pantomime although I felt it overran by a good ten minutes with the audience house number slowing things down a tad.

This was a lively production with some ‘one-liners’ that I had never heard before. I must have led such a sheltered life!

It was evident that the audience were with you all the way. The row in front of mine never stopped laughing all evening and that is exactly what pantomime is all about.

Thank you CADS for a memorable production.

Nigel Ford

Moderator SFD