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March 1 2021, News Original Playwriting
By Brenda Shrewsbury

The strange year that was 2020 produced a crop of very fine scripts that gave the reading panel of the SFD some much needed focus and very enjoyable reading.

After lively debate (completed this year via emails and Zoom!) we produced a short list of five One Act plays.

Soul Mates
By Lydia Brimble.
A couple literally drawn together by/during the pandemic, and reflecting on life and loneliness

Green Gym
By Nicola Dawson.
An energetic cast needed for this entertaining and amusing tale of failed relationships and new beginnings.

The Deprivation of Liberty
By David Emery.
Light touch play looking at the stresses and strains for those with mental health issues and those charged with supporting and enabling.

Tangled Web
By Simon Hurst.
A tale that, as the title suggests, plots the disaster that takes place when a small lie is uttered as a short term fix!

Hear the Dreamy Air
By Neil Walden
A delightful period play for two characters, exploring the difficulties of artistic collaboration.

The five shortlisted plays are available to read on the SFD website

It was hoped that one or all of these plays may have been produced by a local drama society at the annual county drama festival, which usually takes place in March each year. For obvious reasons this was not possible, although the SFD Committee drew up a tentative plan for the county drama festival to go ahead in May 2021. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, however. that optimistic plan has now been changed to an equally tentative date of June 2021. While as a committee we can hope and plan for this, it did not seem fair to keep our playwrights in suspense about the winning entries for the 2020 competition. We therefore made the decision to announce the winners via personal email first and then via Spotlight and Facebook.

So without further ado it gives me great pleasure to announce that the outcome for the 2020 original playwriting competition :-

The Winner
Deprivation of Liberty
By David Emery.

Highly Commended
Hear The Dreamy Air
By Neil Waldron

Congratulations to both playwrights and heartfelt thanks to all who entered the 2020 Original One Act Play competition 2020.

Brenda Shrewsbury
Co-ordinator Original One Act Play Competition.