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November 15 2019, News Original Playwriting

By Brenda Shrewsbury

This year’s SFD Original Playwriting Competition attracted twelve very diverse entries. It was exciting and encouraging to receive such an eclectic mix of original scripts. The reading panel sends heartfelt thanks to all the playwrights for submitting their work.

Four plays have been shortlisted and it is very much hoped that member societies will consider the scripts for entry into the County Drama Festival in March 2020. The outright winner will be announced at the Festival. Details of how to enter are available from

The four shortlisted plays are:-

The Last Fifty Five by Neil Maggs

A One Act Play based on an actual event. The play calls for a large cast (11 males and 10 females) and is written specifically for a youth group. It also calls for singers and musicians.

The Last Fifty Five is a tale of morality; a tale of equality; a tale of Bohemian Rhapsody. A tale of growing up in the nineteen eighties, built on the mantra made popular by Lord Reith the first chairman of the BBC “Educate, Inform, Entertain”.

UXB by Neil Walden

A One Act Play for 3 Actors (1male, 2 female)

A story of history repeating itself. It is a story of redemption and cake. A Second World War bomb has been found in the basement of a shop and the lives of a shop assistant and a member of the security staff appear to be at risk. The two of them await the arrival of the bomb disposal team. They face their own mortality as they try to keep calm and carry on.

Three Brothers by Paul Toolan

A One Act Play for 3 Actors (1 male, 2 female)

A gentle, comic piece, a tale of loneliness. The glum and lonely Reverend Morpeth, who does funerals well but weddings badly, is being ‘moved on’ to another parish. His energetic new housekeeper is helping to pack.

Just Add Dragons

By Peter Dinsmore-Griffiths

A One Act Play written with youth groups in mind with a cast of !0 female and 2 male (NB swapping of genders would be possible.) A play within a madcap play.

Miss Pollen has been flattened by a tractor and a new director is needed for the school play. ‘Miss’ is drafted in, very much against her will. Meanwhile pupils plot their revenge on those who have nabbed the starring roles.

With permission of the playwrights pdf versions of all four plays are available to download on the SFD website with immediate effect.

If you are interested in producing one of the plays for the County Drama Festival at The Warehouse Theatre in Ilminster over the weekend March 21st/22nd, please be aware that the SFD will subsidise the production with a grant of £100. In the first instance contact Brenda Shrewsbury, Coordinator One Act Play-writing competition via email: bren.shrewsbury@

and she will liaise with the playwrights.