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July 10 2022, News

Members of the new SFD committee: Andrew Busby (Phoebe Rees Coordinator), Pam Hillier (Secretary and Original Playwriting Competition Coordinator), Pam Price (Cinderella Trophy Competition Coordinator), Sam Allen (Chair), Di Dean (vice Chair and David Beach Youth Coordinator), Ann Brolly (Treasurer), Sue Garrett (David Beach Competition Coordinator)

The Somerset Fellowship of Drama launched the 2022/23 season in fine style with a gathering of volunteers old and new to toast the return of amateur drama competitions following a two-year Covid-enforced hiatus. The gathering was called to welcome a record number of new volunteers to replace people who had decided to call it a day during or following the pandemic. In welcoming everyone the Chair of the SFD Sam Allen said, “At a later date we will pay proper tribute to those who are leaving. Today is all about looking to the future.”

The gathering comprised moderators, coordinators, adjudicators, play readers, committee members – a huge team of people who want to improve amateur drama in Somerset. It was a wonderful opportunity for old hands to catch up with friends and for new volunteers to meet their new team mates. Such was the success of the occasion that several people suggested we do it more often.

There was palpable excitement in the air as the teams gathered together with plenty of stories to exchange and plans to be made. With so many new faces, there will be a steep learning curve and lots of training to be arranged.

Sam said, “It is great that we have been able to fill so many vacancies and there is a real feeling of positivity. Our first aim is to get all the competitions up and running but we also want to look at developing other aspects of the organisation. The SFD needs to be about more than just competitions. We have a role to play on helping societies to work together, sharing resources, experiences and expertise. And we also want to improve our online presence , making it more relatable to today’s membership.”

The new season will officially open in September so keep an eye out for details of upcoming competitions for 2022/23.

The David Beach & DB Youth team: Sue Garrett (DB Coordinator), Jane Busby (DB Moderator), Linda Mumford (Adjudicator) and Di Dean (DB Youth Coordinator)

The Cinderella Trophy Team: Jon Hickes, Jo Whittock, Ray Jarvis, Nigel Ford (Moderator), Pam Price (Coordinator), John Robinson & Sam Allen

The Phoebe Rees team: Coordinator Andrew Busby with adjudicators Lynn Person (left) and Helen Tomson (right)