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March 3 2019, Cinderella Trophy Reviews

I always look forward to my annual visit to Tatworth Village Hall. I only wish I could find it! On my arrival into the village at 7.00pm, I finally found the venue at 7.28pm. What a close shave!

This year Tatworth Amateur Pantomime Society, or TAPS as they are fondly known as, was presenting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Written by Ben Crocker it contained all the well-known characters that we expect from this story.

We had some upbeat background music to take away the chill of a February evening. I guess ‘Land of Make Believe’ is one of the society’s favourites as I remember hearing this played for the past two or three years while waiting for curtain up! I assume you are using the same CD! Although those ‘in house’ would never have noticed, I was familiar with these memorable 80’s tracks. Maybe a more updated selection would have been appreciated, especially pleasing to the ear by some junior members that may have been in the audience!

After standing for the National Anthem and a great introduction from the Master of Ceremonies Grant Davies, it was on with the show.

Can’t stop the Feeling was a great and bright opener. I was uncertain as to why the junior chorus were stood on rostrums back stage behind the adults. We still couldn’t see you! Each one of you needed to be front stage where we could all hear you and see all of those smiling faces!

You had some good upbeat numbers although on occasions I did feel one or two struggled with the choice of song. However, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie and Best Years of our Lives was sung with terrific gusto, movement and energy.

The show moved along at a steady pace, was well rehearsed and no prompts were required on opening night. Lighting added amazing appeal to each scene and sound effects were most appropriate although I would like to have heard a little more of them.

I felt the castings were correct as most of you showed total commitment to your roles.

Kelly Foote’s Snow White gave a believable performance. You looked every part a beautiful princess Kelly, with a refreshing appearance. All of your mannerisms were true to the character. A little more theatrical expression was needed when waking up after the kiss. Remember you had been in a deep sleep, yawning or stretching momentarily would have captivated this moment. More convincing acting rather than just jumping up was required.

Katie Newbery’s Prince Frederick gave a sound performance. You have commanding stage presence and, in complementing Snow White, made the love angle credible. I also very much enjoyed those energetic dance routines.

Angie Davies’ Evil Queen attacked her audience right from the start and gave us a very good characterisation. Your stage presence was wicked with strong vocal projection and your costume complimented your nasty character. Nicely played.

I am well aware that Neil Gaylard is no stranger when it comes to lipstick, powder and paint! You played the role of Dolly Dumpling with assurance and had excellent vocal projection. I thought your finale costume was absolutely outstanding and personally would like to have seen more of the same during the show as your attire did not do you justice. Blouses and skirts are not outrageous enough. Large hoops, coloured boots, gaudy wigs and clashing dresses would have transformed you from a good dame into a very good dame. You handled the part well Neil and I loved all the banter with Fang the dog.

Bogwort and Stinkwort were played by Kevin Rogers and Debbie Hilton. Here was a very good duo that brought rapport to this pantomime, holding the show together in comedy tradition. You both showed real commitment to your roles. The audience house number ‘How much is that Doggy’ was nicely handled. An all-round funny performance very well played.

Virtually all of the costumes were society made and most pleasing to the eye but please, please remember to remove all jewellery or at least cover it with a plaster. I have drawn this to the society’s attention in the past year or two. I was very surprised that my comments had not been addressed!

Snow White needed to remove her rings and earrings. Likewise Danny Dumpling needed to remove the same. Remember you are playing a boy Danny! I also spotted a ring on Bogwart too.

All sets were society made. In particular the Dwarfs Mine was most memorable.

With so many talented juniors in your society it is evident the future most certainly looks bright for TAPS.

On a separate note I was most saddened to learn the passing of dear Ken. He was one of life’s unique characters. I am certain he would have been proud of your achievements this evening. He will be sorely missed by the society. RIP Ken.

Thank you, Tatworth, for a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Nigel Ford

Moderator SFD