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April 7 2020, Cinderella Trophy News

Moderator Nigel Ford will host the big night

The moderator of the Cinderella Trophy Competition will be streaming into the homes of countless people around the county on the evening of Saturday 18 April, the evening originally scheduled for the much anticipated awards evening. Instead of gathering together at Haselbury Mill as was originally intended, the good folk from the world of pantomime will be gathered round their tellies, glued to their computers, or tuning in on their mobile phones to watch competition moderator Nigel Ford announce all the nominations and awards in this prestigious competition.

Last year some nominations were announced in advance but following consultation it has been decided that this year we will revert to keeping everything – including nominations – a closely guarded secret until the big night. And so nobody knows what to expect! Who has been nominated? Who will win the 50-odd accolades across a wide range of categories encompassing on- and off-stage contributions?

And there are other interesting questions this year too. Who will dress for the occasion? We are inviting you to send in photos of you and your family dressed in your finery as you watch! And the live stream on Facebook allows you to make instant comments congratulating your friends and compatriots as soon as the nominations and winners are announced. Remember, with such strong competition, and such high standards, a nomination is high praise indeed.

CTC Adjudicators

The adjudication team met on one of the last days before we were prevented from gathering together to decide on the nominations and the winners and they all agreed that this was a year of very high standards. So in every category the winners are operating at a very high level and it will be fascinating to see who comes out on top.

If you want to join in the fun on 18 April, you will need to sign up to the SFD Facebook page. It is completely free, we do not pass your details on to anyone else, and there is no marketing associated with our site. Don’t forget to tell your friends and the other members of your drama group. They will most certainly do not want to miss out!

Nigel being Nigel, you can expect a magical evening and the very best of luck to you all.