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April 15 2021, News
The SFD needs new volunteers to keep the organisation going strong.

SFD committee meeting by Zoom

The Coronavirus pandemic has been terrible and I am sure we are all missing seeing our friends and our families and those of us with a love of amateur theatre are missing the sheer joy of performing and everything that goes with it. Hopefully now we are beginning to move out of the worst period created by the pandemic, and we are all looking to the future and assessing what it means for amateur drama in general and our own organisations in particular. We have canvassed many of our members and have been told that some societies are preparing for an early return to normality while others are taking a more cautious approach. For our part, we are ready and willing to restart our competitions as soon as societies start performing.

To keep the SFD viable, however, we need to encourage new people to join our team of volunteers. Ian and Angie Hurdman, the moderator and coordinator of one of our biggest competitions, the David Beach Trophy (for musicals), have decided to step down from their roles, and those are two major roles that we need to fill before the competition can resume. We are also looking for adjudicators to join the teams for both adult and youth musicals, and also for the Phoebe Rees competition (plays). We need three people to join the committee: the coordinator for the David Beach Competition, a membership secretary and someone to oversee and manage our online presence.

The role of moderator is both challenging and rewarding. Typically, the moderator will see over 20 shows in a year and will mark each show as well as ensuring consistency in the scores of the adjudicators. No qualifications are needed but we are looking for someone with a deep love of musical theatre and experience in some aspects of the genre.

Similarly, you do not need to have any qualifications to be an adjudicator. We are looking for people who have a love for amateur theatre, with good experience, an encouraging style and the ability to assess shows fairly and write meaningful adjudications. All our new adjudicators are given ‘on-the-job’ training as they shadow an experienced mentor.

The David Beach Coordinator is a key role. The coordinator is the key link with all societies in the competition, arranges visits by the adjudicators and moderator and organises the annual awards ceremony. This is also a committee role.

The role of the membership secretary is largely an administrative role with frequent interaction with the individual and society members. The membership secretary sits on the committee and will play an active role in the running of the SFD.

Our online activities are mostly on Facebook and on our website and we are looking for a webmaster who can manage these as well as develop our online presence on new platforms. Again, we are looking for someone who will also be an active committee member.

Do any of these roles appeal to you? We really do need new blood to keep the SFD strong and vibrant and we would love to hear from anyone who is interested. All these roles are on a voluntary basis but we do cover expenses. We can provide more detailed information to anyone who wants to know more about any of the roles.

I will be writing about this to all our member societies. We really do need your help.

Help us to help you keep amateur theatre in Somerset alive and well.

Interested? Email to get more information.

Let us know what roles particularly interest you: For the David Beach competition: moderator, coordinator (committee role), adjudicator. For Phoebe Rees: adjudicators. Committee Members: Membership Secretary; Webmaster.