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January 8 2019, Cinderella Trophy News
By Steph Colman

With Wellington’s Pantomime, Cinderella, nearly upon us I thought I would shed some light onto some of the processes needed to make a show such as Cinderella come to life. There is the usual process of auditioning and rehearsals. The sewing and altering of costumes and the sourcing and making of props. The set is created from the imagination of the director and a team of very busy and very capable men and women who breathe life into any old piece of junk, or wood, and can transform a stage to look like anywhere in the world and beyond. The technical and lighting crew bedazzle us with a range of amazing colours, sounds and effects that can take the mood from scary to magical with the flick of a switch and the press of a button. The list goes on, makeup, choreography, producer, front of house, publicity……each role is as important as the last and each one with one goal. To entertain and delight the audience.

This year an important part of the show, Cinderella, involves the use of wands, after all there is a Fairy Godmother in the show, and we set about discussing how we were going to tackle the task of getting these wands.

One thing that came about quite quickly is that we didn’t want to use plastic or anything that couldn’t be recycled. The making of a show sees lots of things being reused, altered and adapted year after year and as it was obvious that recycling is a very important issue we set about sourcing alternatives to plastic. A group was put together aptly named Wellington’s Wand Wizards and we looked into how we could make a suitable wand. Several hours later we had a plan. We would use willow from a sustainable local source and then we would decorate with twine and add a star for the final look. Every wand needs a bit of sparkle but the cost of eco friendly glitter was immense so we changed direction and looked into materials we could recycle. It certainly was a challenge but we hope you appreciate the time and effort that went into making something that is a little more friendly for the planet. The wands will be handed out before each show.

Many local schools have made recycled Christmas decorations this year and the results have been amazing and we may have borrowed a few ideas!

Cinderella must get to the ball so we busied ourselves over the Festive Period and got down to making several hundred eco friendly, locally sourced, recyclable wands.

The only thing left to do now is make sure you buy your ticket, children, get your wands at the ready and sit back and enjoy the magic of panto.

All wands will be collected back in at the end of each performance as the magic needs to stay in the theatre.

Tickets are available online at
By phone 01823 240063 or at Odette’s Tearoom Wellington High Street.